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Are You Ready for National Employee Appreciation Day?

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. Imagine how far you would make it without their hard work and commitment. A year? A month? A day? The first Friday in March is your yearly opportunity to honor the employees who keep your business running day after day. How will you celebrate?

National Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

The committed teams at ServiceMaster Clean collected some of our favorite Employee Appreciation Day ideas to help you celebrate the people who contribute to your organization's success. Whether you like giving gifts, sharing experiences or offering rewards and recognition, use our ideas to show your staff some gratitude and celebrate the progress you've made together this year.

Give a Gift

Consider these gift ideas to reward your employees with fun, creative goodies:

  • Work coupons. Vouchers to leave early, take an extra break or come in late are a well-deserved and much-appreciated reward for any employee.
  • Gift cards. Prepaid gift cards to a local coffee shop or smoothie bar are both thoughtful and useful presents.
  • Office toys. A cappuccino machine, dart board or foosball table are fun items everyone can enjoy in the break room.
  • Sweet treats. Cupcakes, donuts, cookies or any other sugary treat will help make this day extra sweet.
  • Employees who go all-in deserve an all-out gift. Consider treating your employee of the year to dinner for two at a nice restaurant.

Schedule Events

Add a little excitement to an otherwise ordinary work week by treating your team to a special Employee Appreciation Day event on Friday:

  • Catered meal. Have your team members vote on their favorite cuisine or restaurant and share a delicious meal together.
  • Office Olympics. Assign teams and spark some friendly workplace competition. Choose a variety of games or challenges to complete, and provide a great prize for the winning team.
  • The week of Employee Appreciation Day, hang a potluck sign-up sheet in the office lounge or kitchen so each team member can plan what to bring. Sign up for one item like everyone else. Then, surprise your team with an extra special dish on Friday, such as a custom cake or individualized goodie bags that can add a personal, appreciative touch.

Acknowledge Effort

Sometimes, acknowledging a job well done is the best gift you can give to your employees. Rewards and recognition connect the work people do with the impact they have and the value they add. Here are a few ways to recognize the contributions of your staff on Employee Appreciation Day and beyond:

  • Create an employee of the month program. Co-workers can nominate each other for this award based on positive work performance and effort.
  • Start a points system that rewards achievements. When employees accumulate enough points, they can cash them in for rewards like leaving early or a free lunch.
  • Share positive feedback from colleagues. Who doesn't love a compliment? Sharing good feedback from co-workers builds connection between employees and shows the recipient their work is appreciated across the organization.
  • Support and encourage continuing education. Offer incentives to promote ongoing learning and training. Employees will love knowing that you support their growth, and your business can reap the benefits of their development.
  • Add an anonymous suggestion box. Letting employees ask questions, offer ideas and share feedback without fearing repercussions shows that you value their opinions. Suggestions also help you gain insight into your employees' feelings and let you leverage ideas from people across the organization.
  • Celebrate big and small milestones. Recognition programs tell employees what you value. New deals and client wins are easy to celebrate, but hosting parties for birthdays, new certifications, life changes and other personal milestones shows that you care about people, too – not just profits.
  • Deliver handwritten thank you notes. A simple, personalized card can be a highly meaningful gesture. Employee Appreciation Day is a great opportunity to bring this lost art back to life.

Seize the opportunity to boost morale and infuse your office with more positive energy. Use the National Employee Appreciation Day ideas from the experts at ServiceMaster Clean to celebrate the people who keep your business moving forward, every day of the year.

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