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Healthy Environments

Get Ready for National Cleaning Week

The pandemic has provided many challenges to the cleaning industry and to the countless businesses that rely on the expertise of cleaning professionals to function safely. National Cleaning Week is an opportunity to recognize how the cleaning industry has worked to overcome these challenges and to celebrate cleaning professionals from across the country. Join ServiceMaster Clean and our sister company, Merry Maids, as we celebrate the positive impact of maintaining a clean environment as part of National Cleaning Week.

What is National Cleaning Week?

Taking place March 28 - April 3, 2021, this week celebrates the value of clean and hygiene, and brings awareness and an opportunity to advocate for the cleaning industry. This seven-day event is changing the way the world sees cleaning and the value it brings to communities across the country. National Cleaning Week also provides an opportunity to recognize front-line cleaning professionals who work tirelessly on ongoing cleaning efforts to help your business, employees, and customers thrive in a healthy environment.

Celebrate National Cleaning Week with ServiceMaster Clean

ServiceMaster Clean is proud to present a series of videos that will provide you with a greater understanding of the amount of expertise and detail needed for excellent cleaning and disinfection. Guided by Randy Purcell of ServiceMaster Clean Commercial Services of Myrtle Beach and Charles Praigg of Merry Maids of the Grand Strand, you’ll learn some interesting details around the next normal after COVID-19, modern cleaning tools used by ServiceMaster Clean, and how cleaning impacts mental health.

Breaking the Chain of Infection

The Next Normal

Modern Tools & Technologies

Cleanliness & Mental Health

Healthy Cleaning

Healthy Environments

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