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Many people go to the hospital every day to get treated for a wide range of symptoms. Due to the high volume of patients experiencing all types of conditions, hospitals can quickly become places where bacteria, viruses and infections can spread.

Let ServiceMaster Clean help. Our hospital environmental services can help your facility stay safe, clean and healthy for both patients and staff.

Our Patient-Centered Cleaning Program

At ServiceMaster Clean, we know how critical it is to keep hospitals properly clean and disinfected. Along with helping to maintain the best appearance, we’re committed to helping hospitals with:

  • Infection control and prevention
  • Risk reduction
  • Overall patient satisfaction
  • Increased performance metrics

To address the rigorous cleaning needs of today’s hospitals, we created our Patient-Centered Cleaning Program. This program was developed using best practices and procedures as published by some of the industry’s leading organizations, including:

  • CMS
  • CDC
  • EPA
  • AORN
  • OSHA

The best training provides the best clean

We stop at nothing to ensure we provide the best clean every time. Each of our expert staff members has been extensively trained on how to deliver the highest standard of clean in hospitals while helping minimize cross-contamination.
Some of the safety procedures our experts have been trained on include:

  • Basic safety requirements
  • Bloodborne pathogen safety
  • Wearing and handling personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Sharps precautions and handling
  • Laundry precautions and handling
  • Reading, understanding and following specific signage and labels
  • HIPAA regulations
  • Exposure control plans
  • HazMat/HazCom procedures
  • Proper hand hygiene
  • Principles of microbiology

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With over 65 years of experience, we have the knowledge, industry-leading processes and innovative tools to help hospitals stay healthier and more comfortable. We have an unwavering commitment to deliver the highest quality of clean so your staff can focus on what matters most: caring for your patients.
We know that every facility has unique concerns they’d like to address. We’ll work with you to create a customized, comprehensive cleaning process that goes above and beyond your expectations at times that are most convenient for your schedule. Contact us today to find out all the ways we can help your hospital.

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