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The Cost of Cleaning

Let’s start here: Commercial janitorial work is not overly complex. As such, it would stand to reason purchasing commercial janitorial services would also not be too complex. Get some quotes from a few companies and pick the least expensive. Simple… right? Well, maybe not. Knowing the cost to keep a facility clean and tidy is important to facility owners and managers, and answering this question depends on multiple factors

  1. Number of People Using the Facility
  2. Type of Business
  3. Characteristics of the Facility
  4. Type & Frequency of Services Requested
  5. Quality of Expectations

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The Highest Cost for Commercial Janitorial Services

The single greatest cost associated with keeping a facility clean is the cost of labor. How many “man hours” of labor are required to keep a facility clean and orderly? The answer to that question is why labor costs account for 60-70% of most janitorial budgets.

Each of the factors can have a significant impact on the estimated labor hours.

1. Number of Facility Occupants

This is the greatest influencer on cost. The more people in the space the more mess that needs to be cleaned up. More people means more trash, more traffic on floors )sweeping, mopping, vacuuming0, more refilling of toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and simply more mess to clean.

2. Type of Business

Certain types of commercial endeavors have costlier cleaning needs. A manufacturing facility, for example, tends to create more dust, dirt, and grime, which may be more challenging to clean than a corporate office building. In addition, certain facilities have cleanliness standards based on what they produce—food, painting, or medial products. What a business or organization “does” can have a major impact on how much it may cost to keep the facility clean.

3. Facility Characteristics

Characteristics include items such as: square footage of cleanable areas, number of restrooms and fixtures, number of windows and glass, design of the spaces )“wide open” or “chopped up”0, and number of break areas. These factors and others influence the methodologies and equipment that may be used to clean the space.

4. Type & Frequency of Services

Most janitorial agreements include the “big four” in terms of daily custodial duties: trash collection, dusting, floor care )vacuuming and mopping0, and restroom care. However there can be a great deal of variance on the frequency with which these tasks are performed from building to building.

5. Quality Expectations

Expectations can significantly influence the cost of cleaning. It is important that the facility owner and custodial team have a very clear understanding of the requirements. It is appropriate to have high expectations for cleanliness, but uniquely high expectations will likely cost more.

The Straight Answer on Commercial Cleaning Costs 

The answer to the question of “How much does it cost to keep a facility looking and feeling clean?" is "it depends."

ServiceMaster Cleaning Solutions is committed to providing you an honest quote for services with transparent pricing. There are no “smoke and mirrors” here, our pricing system permits us to have an educated discussion regarding the services being proposed, and allows you to compare apples to apples with our competitors.