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ServiceMaster TBS is a Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Provider

HESP Certified Healthcare Janitorial Service

ServiceMaster TBS Healthcare Cleaning training program has a focus on the language of healthcare, and provides a good understanding of what the healthcare industry needs. We partner with healthcare professionals to create an environment that enables clinicians to focus on the best possible patient care while not having to worry about the cleanliness of the facility. Our training programs provide a guideline to assisting healthcare facilities meet and exceed their patient safety goals.

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Supplies & Equipment

Our healthcare cleaning training program details the most efficient and effective technology to be used in the healthcare environment. We are dedicated to providing chemicals, tools, and equipment, are not only safe, but highly proficient in allowing the end users to complete the task to a high quality.

Standard Operating Procedures

Our program focuses on the conduct required in the healthcare setting. It details the communication, relationships, and solutions that should be standard throughout the industry. Our healthcare cleaning training programs also outline the surveying, estimating, and pricing procedures that provides the best overall partner with healthcare organizations.

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Professional healthcare cleaning starts with a professional staff

two medical cleaners

Training, Safety, and Quality

The ServiceMaster TBS healthcare cleaning training program focuses on the training frontline staff receives before stepping into a cleaning role in a healthcare facility. Not only with the correct hiring practices; background screens, drug tests, and the proper character, but also the orientation that new members of our team receive. The importance of helping frontline staff understand the uncompromising principles in healthcare cleaning. The goal is to provide the best foundation to help each team member succeed but more importantly create a vehicle for solutions to healthcare organizations.

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gloved hands cleaning a surfaceInfection Control

Our healthcare janitorial training program explains in detail the importance of infection prevention and methods associated with that goal. It provides the proper systems to assist with proven cleaning methods the lower the risk of cross contamination that lead to infection. Our program outlines the concept of Universal Precautions and the correct use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Safety and Security Compliance

Our healthcare janitorial service training program details all associated standards to ensure a safe environment for our cleaning staff, healthcare professionals, and of course the patients. We successful equip our cleaning staff through use of a specific Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) training program motivating employees to use the correct procedures when potentially infectious materials are present.

people washing their handsCleaning Processes and Procedures

Our healthcare cleaning training program provides the proper methods for cleaning healthcare specific areas, while providing the tools necessary to ensure these methods are used.

Healthcare Floor Maintenance Programs

Our healthcare cleaning training program explains the techniques associated with performing quality floor maintenance until not interrupting the care being given to patients. This ensures that staff has an environment they proud of, and provides an appearance that patients and visitors feel comfortable.

man wiping medical tableQuality Assurance

Our healthcare cleaning training program implements a system that relieves healthcare professional of quality standards’ worries. We provide up-to-date, frequent quality inspections that are immediately communicated to the healthcare facility.

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