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Carpet Cleaning Made Easy Part 1

As a provider of professional commercial cleaning services for more than 15 years, in numerous facility types, one of my favorite frequently asked questions is… Why is my carpet so dirty, I extract all the time?

The truth is, it's a favorite question because it's easy to evaluate and 99% of the time proves a similar answer. The first and most important step in maintaining your flooring investment is daily vacuuming. Daily vacuuming removes between 80-90% of the dry soil that would otherwise begin to damage the carpet's nylon fibers. Continuous grinding of the fiber caused simply by walking on dirty carpet is enough to prematurely wear it out. Once the nylon begins to scratch and abrade; it's damaged and will never return to its original luster.
So, I usually do a quick inspection of the carpet fiber with a 100x microscope and find the results are usually consistent - broken fiber with interspersed specs of dirt attached. I follow-up with vacuuming utilizing the HOST Liberator to pile lift and remove as much soil as possible. The results are profound- handfuls of dry dirt and visibly cleaner carpet… just from vacuuming!

At this point, it's easy to say that the facility isn't paying enough attention to the daily vacuuming and all the extracting in the world isn't going to remove the dry soil. It is a must that the carpet be vacuumed with cylindrical agitation and a dual-motor vacuum. I recommend Windsor vacs because they are the most readily available and are certified by CRI for with their seal of approval.

Stay tuned for more Carpet Cleaning Made Easy: