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Carpet Cleaning Made Easy Part #2 - The Proof is in the Pile

before and after shot of dirty to clean carpet

When we last talked about Carpet Cleaning Made Easy we discussed the importance of daily vacuuming. When it comes to professional carpet cleaning, most people don’t think about the “process” or actual order of steps involved with providing this service. As you already know vacuuming is #1, however, other steps make the difference between carpets that are truly clean and restored, and those where only surface dirt is removed. For truly clean carpets, ServiceMaster TBS offers the most thorough - manufacturer recommended services in Philadelphia and New Jersey.

With many carpet cleaning companies the process goes like this:

-PRE SPRAY then,


Unfortunately, while this process may be less expensive you wind up paying for it in the long run. An inadequate process like this means stains may return in a week or two, and the dirt left trapped in the carpet pile is allowed to continue to grind against and breakdown fibers, accelerating wear and tear.

Your carpet deserves a lot more than the typical "brush the dirt off the top" carpet cleaning service ServiceMaster TBS uses the best carpet cleaning systems available today.

Our Process:

  1. Heavy-duty, pile-lifting with HOST Liberator extractor vacuum to remove dry particulate soil
  2. Pre-spray with specialized crystalline detergent that resists retuning stains or “wick back” which that helps carpets stay cleaner, longer
  3. Cylindrical agitation lifts and straightens pile which enhances soil removal
  4. Finally, we extract the remaining dirt using the power of steam(water heated to 250 degrees) which helps the carpets dry faster

From HOST Dry Cleaning, to low moisture encapsulation, to truck mounted steam extraction ServiceMaster TBS Division has the right solution for your facility. Visit our Carpet Cleaning Solutions page for more information.