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Watch Dirt Vanish with ServiceMaster TBS Tile and Grout Cleaning

before and after

We recently provided restorative tile and grout cleaning in the restrooms of one of our Thorofare, New Jersey clients. The before image represents about a 6.5 out of ten on the "level of funk" scale. This tile hadn't been mechanically cleaned for quite some time and after a while it becomes hard to tell just how dirty the flooring actually is. Most of our clients, just like these wonderful people, forget that the original grout is a light sand or grey color and don't realize that it can be turned back from black. How does our specialty floor cleaning turn back the hands of time, you ask? We utilize the ServiceMaster TBS four-step make the floor so clean you can eat off of it process. It smells good when we are done, too!

Step One: Scrub the tile with a high alkaline-based cleaner to help loosen the grease and grime.

Step Two: Blast the tile with 1000PSI, 235 degree steam that's simultaneously extracted to our truck mount leaving the floor neutralized for the next step.

Step Three: Shoot right to the other end of the PH scale and scrub with an acid that etches and opens the grout pores to release stubborn dirt and stains.

Step Four: Fire steam directly at the grout with a special tool used to dislodge and suck up any remaining embedded filth.

"We've had customers with ceramic floors that have been down for 20+ years and they thought were impossible to get truly clean. But after one four-step treatment the grout and tile have been restored to nearly 100%."

Timing wise, we come in after hours and will have you ready for work the next morning. In fact, restorative tile cleaning is a natural add on to any carpet cleaning job, so if you’ve got dirty, grimy tiles or the grout looks darker than you think it should, give us a call and you too can watch the dirt disappear.