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Mom & Pop Office Cleaning Services

It's true, just about anyone can provide office cleaning services for your facility by simply gearing-up with a vacuum, some dollar store glass cleaner and a feather duster; among other janitorial service artifacts from the 1980's, and this is fine. In many cases, hiring a small out-of-the-trunk-of-their-car office cleaning service is enough because a little daily tidying is all that's needed to get the job done. When a light touch or finding the absolute lowest priced janitorial service is important, a "mom and pop" cleaning company will more than suffice. The main attraction to these cleaning companies is they offer a decent quality of service and good value and its usually the owner or a member of his/her family doing the cleaning.

This model works and creates success among these businesses but can eventually lead to challenges due to a combination of of rapid growth and poor planning. Rapid growth without proper planning has the potential to create the following:

  1. High turnover
  2. Lack of training and supervision
  3. No Accountability
  4. Poor Communication
  5. Fireman Syndrome
  6. Less attention

These six problems are the short list of things that can go wrong if your "little" janitorial service gets too big too fast. Starting to notice when these occurrences become more regular is the key to knowing whether its time to look for a new office cleaning service because every item on that list is important to making sure that cleaning stays below the radar stealthily happening without you having to worry about it.