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Why You Need System Cleaning...

Do you know exactly how each office, hallway, break room and restroom is serviced? What products are being used? The frequency? Are the same mops and towels used in the restroom as the rest of the office?  You should!

A systematic approach, which involves cleaning according to a sequence of routine and scheduled procedures would answer all these questions and more.  Without a cleaning system, service is only provided to the areas where dirt is visible or the cleaner gets to it by chance. Sight cleaning makes for inconsistent and inefficient building maintenance because surfaces aren't cleaned in accordance with what they actually need but a helter skelter, get what you can, plan of attack. With system cleaning, all areas of your facility are regularly cleaned based upon a task schedule which orchestrates the plan day by day and room by room.

Here's an example of the type of task schedule to expect from your cleaning service.  Notice each day has specific tasks highlighted.  This is the absolute best way to create consistency.

cleaning sheet

The daily task schedule above is just one aspect of the plan that needs to be put together to have a solid system for servicing your facility. Click here... for more tips to find out what it takes.