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Office Cleaning Crimes

Contractors are hired to alleviate the hassle of office cleaning but sometimes your janitorial staff doesn’t live up to a professional standard. Your cleaning service could be costing you time, money, and the hassle associated with both wrongful and plain illegal activities. Let’s review some of the things you should be on the look out for.

Illegal Office Cleaning CrimesAnimated picture of a criminal

Some things you need to watch out for are illegal, and can lead to criminal prosecution.

  • Stealing Company Property: Is your office cleaning service is stealing your company or personal property? Not only is it illegal (thanks captain obvious!) but can also create a risk of liability for both you and your co-workers. Your company property may contain valuable and classified information, it’s important that your company takes precautions to protect your business from unlawful theft.
  • Using Company Property: Using your business computers, copiers, telephones, or other equipment can also pose a serious risk to your business. These items should be considered off limits to your office cleaning service.

Unprofessional Office Cleaning Crimes

Some activities that may not be illegal, can be considered disrespectful and can cost your business money.

  • Phone Calls and Texting: Workers are to work at work. If your office cleaner is having long conversations or stopping every five seconds to type out a text it might be time to make a change.
  • Music: When music is played through headphones it can be a great way to keep the moral of your office cleaning staff. When music is played too loud, or the listener begins to belt out tunes so everyone can hear it’s a problem.
  • Napping: It’s not appropriate to nap during work. Your office cleaning service provider should ensure that the work is being done in a timely manor.

Most office cleaning companies follow strict guidelines and policies to help combat these and other office cleaning crimes. What’s the most unprofessional thing you’ve seen from a cleaner or in any profession?