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Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Truck mounted carpet cleaning

There are a few types of carpet cleaning equipment including whittaker, host, or truck mount. The most well known carpet cleaning services use truck mount carpet cleaning equipment. These extractors clean your carpet with hot water and suction. Here are some things you should know about truck mount carpet cleaning equipment.

These carpet cleaning systems are mounted to the floor of a truck or trailer. It uses hot water heated to between 50-150 degrees celsius (122-300 degrees fahrenheit). The water is forced into the carpet and agitated to loosen stains and debris. Then the operator will vacuum the particulates from the carpet thoroughly to remove dirt and stains.

Truck mount carpet cleaning equipment is offered by a range of manufacturers including Jon Don, HydraMaster, Prochem, and Daimer. These brands design, build, manufacture and distribute track mounted carpet cleaning equipment for businesses.