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Industrial Floor Cleaning Services Performed at Flooring Company

This is what happens when a floor in an industrial warehouse is neglected for years. Black carbon becomes embedded on the floor and forklifts make matters worse by further compacting the grime into the concrete.  What you are left with is super-hard dirt that can only be removed with chemicals and the force of a rotary floor scrubbing and pressurized water. This is not a job for the power washer because the contents of the warehouse could be damaged by the ricochet of water and dirt. 

Periodic cleaning with an auto scrubber can help to guarantee the cleanliness of your industrial facility and keep your floors clean and safe and provide better indoor air quality for employees.

As you can tell from the image below, this particular aisle has been halfway completed. Once finished, periodic floor cleaning should commence leaving the floor free from filth.

Industrial Floor

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