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Disaster Restoration

We know that disasters such as floods, fires, and mold contamination can strike at any time. These types of emergencies need immediate, professional attention because often the damage gets worse with time. You can trust tour team to provide the guidance, expertise, and personalized care necessary to identify your building’s issues and restore your business to its original condition. We have the experience and training necessary to fully care for the affected areas and prevent further damage.


Water intrusion from burst pipes, sewer backup, or a severe storm can cause extensive damage to your place of business. Everything from the infrastructure of the building to personal property, shelving, and furniture are at risk. Our water damage restoration experts provide a wide range of services aimed at keeping your business up and running during restoration and thriving after the service is complete. This service involves utilizing best-in-class methods and advanced technologies within our 24/7 emergency response period.


As a business owner, we understand that a fire can be one of the toughest unexpected challenges you could face. Our team has the technology and processes necessary to help salvage as much of your business as possible and to help restore your business to its original state. This involves not only cleaning furniture, structures, and fabric, but also removing the existing soot, smoke, and odor. Working with our team will get your business back to normal as fast as possible.


Mold contamination inside of your business can lead to severe damage to the environment as well as chronic health issues. Once mold has started to grow, it can overtake an entire property in less than 72 hours. Allergens and irritants produced by mold need to be addressed quickly in order to minimize the damage it causes. This substance can be hard to detect and often grows indoors on surfaces that are wet or damp. Typically, we find this substance is detected through dark spots, musty odors, and a sudden spike in humidity levels.

It is critical that you ensure the proper care of your business’ environment when an emergency arises; your employees and guests deserve a safe and positive atmosphere. Trust the ServiceMaster team to properly restore your surroundings after a fire, flood, or mold exposure. We are well aware of the complex problems each of these disasters can cause and strive to diminish any sign of damage. Contact us today to see our previous experience with disaster restoration or to get started on your restoration!