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General Cleaning Terms To Know

Trust us, the cleaning process is complicated and it is easy to get confused with all of the different vocabulary used in the cleaning industry. Last week's blog highlighted general terms that are used within the healthcare cleaning industry. This week’s blog is aimed to educate readers on the various terms they must know in order to utilize the correct chemicals and perform the correct cleaning procedures.  Learn more about the janitorial industry specific terms that we utilize in our day-to-day operations:

Acid Cleaners:  These products are often used in restrooms and are strong chemicals that utilize citric acid in order to strengthen their cleaning abilities. These products are dangerous and outdated - we recommend against using them.

Antiseptic: These substances prevent harmful microorganisms from growing and spreading.

Bacteria: These living organisms are composed of a single cell and are the cause of all diseases.

Biodegradable: Substances’ ability to decay, or break down, into many smaller parts.

Contaminated:  To be made dirty, unclean, or polluted.

Cross Contamination: When bacteria or other organisms are passed from one object to another via direct contact.

Deodorizer: A substance, usually in spray form, that masks or neutralizes odors.

Disinfectant: A product used to kill microorganisms.

Fungi: A more advanced molecular organism that can be infectious and harmful.

Germ: A microorganism that has the potential to develop into an often harmful organism.

Gloss: A solution spread onto hard surface floors in order to create a high-shine appearance.  

Inorganic: A substance that is created artificially and is not made of living matter.

Mildew: Often found in damp carpets, this substance is a fungus that appears as a thin white coating.

Pathogen: A substance that produces disease, such as viruses and bacterium.

pH value: A numerical value, from 1-14, that indicates substances’ acidity.

Sanitary: A level of clean that indicates a certain level of health and hygiene.

Sanitizer: A substance designed to create a bacteria, germ, and disease free environment.

Sealer: A liquid that is applied to hard floor surfaces in order to protect it from absorbing materials into porous surfaces.

Toxic: An object or substance that is poisonous.

Hopefully, these terms will enable readers to better understand cleaning products and processes. It is important to be aware of the proper terminology in order to properly clean their home or business or evaluate their outsourced janitorial services company. Stay tuned to our blog to learn more about cleaning tips and tricks, company news, and more!