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How to Choose a Commercial Cleaning Company

Are you ready to get serious about the cleanliness of your office?  Don’t just search the internet for “commercial cleaning companies near me” and pick the closest one! Your business is important to you and its cleanliness affects the health and safety of your staff and customers.  Do your research before trusting a company with the wellbeing of your office environment – this is a very important job.  Consider the following characteristics before you commit to any janitorial services company:Man and women cleaning cabinets


The first step in finding a trusted vendor to manage your commercial cleaning services is to decide which specific services you’re seeking and what differentiates your industry from others.  Picking any old vendor seems simple, but you should seek a janitorial services company who has a track record with companies in your industry. General office cleaning has a different scope of work in comparison to that of a medical office.  In a medical facility, patient-centered cleaning is of utmost importance because there is a much higher risk for spreading infection between patients and staff.  Greater attention to detail is required and most likely involves more time.  It’s important to know that every industry is different.

Products used

No matter how hard the employees of your commercial cleaning company work, if they are using faulty products, their efforts will be wasted. Enquire about the brands and types of cleaning products in order to ensure your provider is educated and confident about their product selection. Make sure they utilize a variety of products to attack every type of stain and contaminant, and avoid cheap retail and dollar store chemistries. To some it is important to introduce practices that increase sustainability while reducing the environmental impact. If you are serious about becoming more green and environmentally friendly, it is important to hire a company who offers green cleaning products. Such products reduce the harsh effects of common cleaners including fumes and residues, as well as improving indoor air quality. Look for products with certifications from Green Seal and Environmental Choice.


If you have ever had a cleaning company that didn’t deliver on their promises, you understand why you need to seek a company who will take full accountability. Successful janitorial companies have measures in place to check the performance of their employees and to assess the satisfaction of their clients. Make sure your vendor has a system to track accountability on a daily basis so that there is no question that the cleaner is performing up to task.  Also make sure there is a customer service rep that you will visit with on a periodic basis.  This rep should be impartial to keep everyone honest.

Team Size

Just as you want to work with a company who specializes in your industry, you want to give your building’s janitorial needs to a team who can handle a business of your size. When you are interviewing companies, inquire about the number of clients they handle and the square footage of their average customer.  It is important to consider the capabilities of the company you are vetting as resources vary from one provider to another.  When smaller companies grow they are not usually thinking about scalability which often reflects in less training and supervision as they become more and more stretched. Before hiring a service provider ask to see their organizational chart to make sure they have the coverage to take on your business. Finally, make sure your cleaning team employs a fill-in crew to cover open hours in the eventuality that their staff calls out; and they will. This ensures that service is never missed and your day begins without the hassle of having to take the trash out yourself.

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