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ServiceMaster TBS Helps Client Understand Commercial Cleaning Options

Here at Service Master TBS, we have experience in performing a wide variety of cleaning processes for our customers. In this week’s blog, we will cover a real-world example of how we helped steer one client toward replacement of their carpet instead of professional cleaning after a spill and failed clean-up attempt. We are always happy to investigate any issue and make recommendations that best fit the needs and budget of our customers!

Bright and early on Monday morning, we received a call from a business in distress over a toner spill that occurred over the weekend. They were searching for someone who could help as soon as possible. Over the years we’ve had plenty of experience in cleaning toner out of carpets and knew we could handle the job fairly easily with a HEPA vacuum and a few absorbent cloths   At first, we were thankful the company reached out to us as soon as they did, but upon arrival it was clear that this wasn’t a simple cleaning job.

The client originally assumed the stain was from a toner spill, but immediately upon inspection we realized it was actually fuser-oil.  Fuser-oil helps ink bond to paper and unfortunately this oil is chemically attracted to the carpet’s nylon fiber and makes removal pretty challenging. This effect is similar to spilling salad dressing on an article of clothing; it is very difficult to remedy without causing damage and you need to treat with the appropriate detergents. Once we determined the source of the stain, we spoke to our client to find out more information. The client told us they had applied baking soda to absorb the spill and when that didn’t work they called us right away. Being veterans of the “carpet stain game”. we again realized something was awry; a quick glance around the room provided yet more information. Hidden in plain sight was a brush and supermarket brand spot cleaner used to work on the stain. In the janitorial services industry, we understand that these home remedies seem like attractive solutions, but they often make matters worse. After this discovery, we returned to the client to inform them of the stain’s severity and let them know that the potential for total removal wasn’t favorable.

The stain’s condition was only made worse by the dismal state of the carpet. With age and improper maintenance, the carpet had begun to delaminate, or lose its backing. When dealing with badly damaged carpet, cleaners must avoid introducing any water in order to prevent further delamination and buckling. In our professional opinion, attempting to clean the stain was not worth the investment because the carpet was already past its useful life.  Any effort to remove it wouldn’t provide a favorable result and most likely cause further delamination.  In the end, the client agreed that replacing the carpet was the more cost-effective option than potentially wasting money on spot removal services.

We are sharing this story because it has important messages about the practices of commercial carpet cleaning and office cleaning services. First, it is important to treat stains correctly. We do not recommend using any brush on a carpet stain, unless you have had proper training.  Instead, we urge clients to use a cloth to blot and remove excess spillage.  From there, apply the appropriate spotting agent for the particular spill and then extract the residual contaminants.  If you are unaware of which cleaning method is best, leave it to the professionals! If you partner with a trustworthy and professional janitorial services company, they will be honest about the pros and cons of their services and will use their experience to help you make the individualized, best decision.

Next time you are in need of commercial carpet cleaning, give us a call. Our team strives to provide quality service to all of our clients, including recommending alternative options. One of our friendly and experienced team members would be happy to assess your commercial cleaning needs and recommend the right treatment.