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Tips for Cleaning your Cubicle

Spending 40+ hours per week working in an office adds up to over 2,000 hours spent in your cubicle every year. Even if you occasionally brush off dust or use sanitary wipes it’s not enough to maintain a clean and healthy environment.  It’s often stated that an indoor environment can be 5 to 10X dirtier than the air outside.  Knowing this, it is important that you perform a “deep clean” at least quarterly but ideally more often.  Follow these tips to create a cleaner indoor environment that is both professional looking  and clean enough to reduce allergens and debris.

Office cubical

Remove Décor

The first step in cleaning your desk is to remove all decorations, files, and supplies.  This is a good time to remove any trash or unnecessary documents (including the stale, expired snacks you hide in your drawer.) While these items are being removed, you can use a tissue or towel to dust them. Dirt in keyboards can be removed by shaking it upside-down over a trashcan or blown with an air-duster, but it’s important to make sure dirt doesn’t get airborne so use a vacuum to capture dirt when possible. Sanitary wipes can further clean your keyboard and desk, but be careful to not allow liquid to get under the keys. Once you have taken an inventory of each item, you can re-organize them within your drawers and files.  


Vacuuming your cubicle walls and flooring will remove dust and pollen and help loosen any stains. If any spots remain after this process, test a small section of fabric with a spot remover and apply it if it doesn’t cause further damage. Once these steps have been taken, you should combine a small amount of detergent and warm water and use a rag or soft brush to apply it in a circular motion. A wet rag will remove any excess cleaner, but always remember to blot instead of rubbing the stain. Fans can be used to speed up the drying process.

Wipe Down

Before putting desktop items back on your desk, you should wipe down each item once again. This includes phones and any pencil holders, pens and pencils, drawer handles, and drawer surfaces. Even the surfaces that go largely untouched should be cleaned, as they can harbor germs.

Office environments can be breeding grounds for germs and disease. We understand the costs associated with down-time and provide cleaning tips that promote healthy employees. If you are a business owner who wants to learn more about providing office and cubicle cleaning for your employees and guests, contact us today.