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The Benefits of Green Cleaning Products

As technology advances, businesses are presented with more and more ways to reduce their environmental impact. It is your responsibility to hold your company accountable for its waste and emissions. There are many products available to create a more sustainable environment, including many green cleaning products.

Green cleaning products are safer alternatives for your employees than harsh chemicals. As you are probably aware, some chemicals can produce harsh fumes and leave behind residue. Green cleaning products are naturally made, reducing the offensive odor. We have also noticed a reduction of the leftover residue produced by these green alternatives, which can significantly improve the health of your building’s inhabitants as well as the overall look of the environment.

In addition to the residue left by these products, harsh chemicals can also have adverse effects on the eyes, skin, and respiratory systems of your employees and customers. These chemicals can decrease your building’s indoor air quality which further agitates these symptoms. Green cleaning products provide the same cleaning power, if not more than other solutions, without the harmful effects.

Because of our commitment to providing our customers with environmentally friendly products, ServiceMaster TBS has received the certifications from the following industry-leading organizations:

U.S. EPA’s Safer Choice

  • This recognition was previously known as the “Design for the Environment” label and has been awarded to green products for the past 15 years. Companies who earn this label have every ingredient scrutinized for its carcinogenicity, reproductive and developmental toxicity, toxicity to aquatic life, and persistence in the environment. There are also qualifications for the product’s performance against their competitors, packaging, and pH levels. Volatile Organic Compounds are restricted from being used in these goods.

Green Seal

  • Green Seal is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing science-based environmental certifications. Specifically for cleaning products and services, there are 11 different certifications available. These create different standards for each type of product, including but not limited to: floor-care, hand cleaners, service providers, commercial cleaning products, and specialty products.

We are proud to further our commitment to our community and environment using these products. Not only do our customers benefit from these solutions through their increased corporate responsibility, but they also create a better environment for their employees and guests. If you are interested in learning more about which green products we trust or are ready to implement green cleaning practices, give us a call today to get started!