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Water Intrusion and Remediation

Winter storm damage comes in many shapes and sizes. This year alone, I myself have had my basement flood twice and a leak open on my roof from an overabundance of snow, sleet and rain storms. This February has been the 3rd wettest on record with over double the average precipitation for the better part of 3 decades and the highest totals in over 100 years. Only a few days into March of ‘18 and it’s already proving to be another wet month. We will soon see how it plays out for the record books. With back to back Nor’easters and forecasts that include newly pressed terms like bomb cyclones most of us are praying for dryer days ahead.

What to Do Once Water Intrudes

The most important thing to remember if hit with water event like a flooded basement or a leaky roof is that it’s not advised to start remediation until the source of the water is resolved. However, don’t want to let water sit for days because you will run the risk of mold or bacterial growth. Prolonged moisture or repeated leaking will most likely lead to mold growth and require some level of remediation, so it’s advised that repairs are made as soon as possible to limit additional events.

Steps to Dry Affected Wet Areas:

  1. Use wet vac to remove any standing water.
  2. If area is carpeted, try to salvage pad and carpet by drying (usually a professional needed) If walls are wet removal may be required.
  3. Mist effected area with botanical microbial inhibitor
  4. Use fans to circulate air and dehumidification to remove excess moisture

If you too have experienced a wet winter, ServiceMaster TBS is your source remediate mold and any water damage. Learn more about our specialty cleaning services or contact us today for a free quote!