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Floor Maintenance in the Winter

As usual, it is going to be a very snowy and cold winter for the Philadelphia area. This means more ice melt on the sidewalks, more salt on the roads, and more grime and dirt that will be tracked in and on your floors.

While salt and ice melt is necessary to keeping outside walking areas safe and free of ice, when they get tracked into your building, they are murder on your floors. Besides the grime and dirt that gets tracked in, the chemicals in ice melt substances and even the salt itself can cause permanent damage to your floors which can lead to expensive replacement costs down the road.

Your weapon in the fight to save your floors is professional commercial floor cleaning from Servicemaster. We have experienced many Philadelphia winters and better yet, we have the experience and know-how to keep your floors looking great and protected from the worst that winter can muster.

Salt can damage your floors if left alone

Salt is a common method of melting ice and snow on roadways as it lowers the melting point of the ice and turns it into water. But the issue is that salt is harmful to concrete and asphalt as well as vehicles. Salt melt is corrosive to damaged asphalt and it especially causes havoc on bridge deck pavement and concrete parking garages. Corrosive salt residue can also cause havoc on your floors, especially if they haven’t been pre-treated for the winter months.

When people track salt residue onto your carpets, the salt can leave white stains that are difficult to remove. Salt and moisture can also do plenty of damage to wooden floors that will absorb moisture. This causes deterioration of the wood and warping.

ServiceMaster can professionally clean your floors after a hard winter storm to get the harmful salt solutions out of carpet, wood and grout between tiles and get them looking as good as new while protecting from future wear and salt exposure.

Moisture is damaging and dangerous

When it snows, it is certain that some of it will be tracked into your building which creates dirty puddles that not only look awful, but create dangerous hazards for employees and customers. This requires constant monitoring by your staff to prevent falls and liability.

The way to combat this is to use all weather mats and floor coverings that prevent the buildup of moisture and make things safe to walk on.

Call ServiceMaster and we can help you keep Winter at bay

Your building and common areas should be clean and safe and the janitorial experts of ServiceMaster will make sure the moisture stays off your floors and out of your flooring material. Call us today for a free estimate and start protecting your floors, your customers and employees from the worst that winter has to offer.