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Before and After: Epoxy Floor Cleaning

before and after image of a clean floorFlooring is a big investment that has a large effect on the cleanliness and appearance of your environment. Epoxy coating is perfect for rugged environments because it is easily applied to concrete and other porous materials and can even be applied on walls and ceilings. Some epoxy coatings are even resistant to stains, chemicals, and thermal shocks. Epoxy flooring is often used in warehouses and distribution facilities because of its durability. Because epoxy coatings are considered almost bulletproof, the floors are often neglected through either lack of maintenance or improper cleaning specifications. In order to retain the smooth, bright appearance of this material, it is important to maintain these floors properly. While sweeping and mopping these floors can be helpful, it is important to perform regular maintenance including deep cleaning.

Regular maintenance includes removing dry soil via a dust mop or a sweeper and wet cleaning with either a string mop or an automatic scrubber. Warehouses tend to be dirty environments due to particulate from shipping packages as well as dirt and grease that gets tracked inside from outside of the facility. Forklifts also contribute to the mess as the grease and brake dust is compacted over time creating a hard carbon layer of grime that can be challenging to remove.

When attempting to restore or deep-clean an epoxy floor, it is important to know what contaminant has led to the floors deterioration and follow a protocol that will not further damage the floor’s coating. With the photographic example below, we tested a number of floor cleaning chemistries and dilution ratios before we came up with the perfect mix as well as a process for removal.  We utilized alkaline chemistry to remove the dirt and grease and had to scrub the floor three separate times to get down to the clean, bare floor. Once we achieved the desired effect, we utilized a neutral cleaner to rinse the floor and finalize the process.

If you have epoxy floors that need to be cleaned or restored, contact ServiceMaster TBS today!