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Advantages of Battery Powered Vacuums

Here at ServiceMaster TBS, we have found there are many benefits to using a battery-powered backpack vacuum. They are the next step in providing more efficient cleaning in facilities. Here’s why going cordless is a game-changer for ServiceMaster TBS: 

Battery Powered Vacuums Will Help You Save Time

With cordless, we don’t have to move around the machine all the time, we can pick it up and go wherever we like. Battery-powered vacuums eliminate wasted time searching for outlets. Another perk is it won’t come unplugged in the middle of a project. Cordless vacuums can ensure a fast and powerful cleaning. While the run-time of the battery is only about 50 minutes, the batteries are interchangeable, so you can charge one battery while using the other.

Battery Powered Vacuums Are More Efficient

Hoover says this vacuum could increase vacuum efficiency by as much as 30% and lead to overall cleaner facilities. The best part of cordless vacuums is that they can go anywhere. Eliminating the restriction of a cord improves speed in classrooms, wide-open spaces, or around the office cubicles. We see these come in handy when we are trying to cover small spaces. The mobility of the cordless unit is perfect for navigating stairwells, elevators, and building occupants. These vacuums typically weigh less, so we can carry and take them wherever need be. With cordless vacuums, you don’t have to be restricted by cord length. This makes cleaning much more convenient more leaning anywhere and at any time.  

Battery Powered Vacuums Are Safer

There are many hazards associated with a corded vacuum, especially in areas that are crowded. Battery-powered vacuums are safer simply because there is no cord or electricity involved. We no longer must worry about tripping over a cord, especially when moving fast. Take the risk out of vacuum cleaning by banishing the cord for good!

A battery-powered backpack vacuum cleaner is a wise choice, no matter the environment you want clean. Contact ServiceMaster TBS today to learn more about our efficiencies when it comes to keeping your facility clean!