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AHE Health Care Training and Certifications

It is vital for health care Environmental Service Providers (EVS) to be professionally trained and certified. The Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) offers a number of certifications for EVS professionals.  Training varies from online coursework general in nature to the more in-depth classroom courses meant for specific healthcare environments.  The two courses outlined below are major steps in creating cleaner and safer environments and ultimately better patient outcomes.

CHEST – Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Technician – 40-hour course and test

This certification focuses on:

  • Infection Prevention – Standard procedures, PPE, BBP, and CDC precautions
  • Cleaning and Disinfection – Chemicals, cleaning procedures, high-touch areas
  • Communication – Customer-focused policies
  • Safety – Identify and report hazards, resolve safety issues
  • Waste Handling – Disposal of solid waste, regulated medical waste, recyclables
  • Linen Handling – Manage linens
  • Floor Care – Mopping and vacuuming protocols

CSCT – Certified Surgical Cleaning Technician – 16 hours and test

This certification focuses on:

  • Infection Prevention – Method based prevention of pathogen transmission
  • Cleaning and Disinfection – How to properly clean and disinfect OR space
  • Problem Solving – How to move quickly in a fast-paced work environment
  • Communication – Effectively manage expectations, maintain productivity
  • Impacts and Outcomes – Review actions that lead to outcomes

Healthcare Cleaning Certificate Level 1

This certificate is required for staff required to clean medical facilities like mental health clinics, medical, educational institutions, hospitals, and ambulatory surgical centers. Those who have the Health Cleaning Certificate Level 1, do not have to deal with biohazard waste. The staff is not at risk of exposure to dangerous materials. The staff with level one certificate does not handle any bodily fluids and does not dispose of sharp materials.

Healthcare Cleaning Certificate Level 2

This EVS level of training is relevant for facilities like dialysis centers, inpatient/outpatient surgical centers, and laser eye clinics. Employees with this certificate, are aware of the rules and regulations established by the government. Level 2 training certificate does not expose the worker to dangerous, hazardous materials including sharp objects.

Cleaning Healthcare Certificate Level 3

Different facilities offer healthcare facility cleaning services for emergency care centers, pediatric clinics, hospital emergencies, and other forms of medical services. These facilities must be cleared by level 3 of cleaning healthcare certificate that requires more expertise. In this level of training, employees are able to handle rare infectious waste, unplanned bodily fluid disinfection, and handle a small number of sharp objects in the facility. The government rules and regulations must be strictly followed.

Level 4 Training for Healthcare Cleaning Certificate

The Level 4 certificate requires cleaning staff to be fully trained in handling the waste produced in:

  • Full-service hospitals
  • Assisted living centers
  • Nursing homes
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Mental health centers

These services generate a lot of red trash bag waste that needs expert handling. The staff is exposed to potentially hazardous and infectious diseases. They handle bodily fluids including blood. This training level is detailed and requires more expertise than the other three levels.

Benefits of Certification

Having different types of certification, such as CHEST and CESP will help the certificate holder and the facility. Some advantages of having these certificates are:

  • Better job opportunities
  • Cleaner and safer hospitals
  • Allows close monitoring of employees
  • Increased levels of job satisfaction

At ServiceMaster TBS, we pride ourselves on being up to date with all healthcare cleaning certifications. Contact us today for all your healthcare cleaning needs!