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Building Maintenance Tips to Prepare for a Wet Spring

It is always important to make a great first impression when it comes to your building. Spring is the perfect time to prepare for the growing season and to assess any damage that the freezing temperatures from the past winter may have caused. Now is the time to take advantage of the pleasant weather to get your building in shape.

7 Building Maintenance Tips

  1. Full Landscape and Exterior Assessment: The first thing you should do in the Spring is walk the entire building and assess for any damage or hazardous issues. Catch all the small problems now before they become big ones.
  2. Debris Clean up: Pick up any debris, such as sticks, twigs, and trash.
  3. Power Wash and Repair Your Hardscape: Winter can be harsh on concrete and pavement, make sure all parking lots, patios, and pathways are cleaned and in good repair.
  4. Check Air Conditioning Units: The A/C unit needs a thorough spring check-up, so it will cool efficiently when the hot weather comes. The A/C unit has been sitting unused all winter, and that means dirt and sludge build-up can cause failure of the unit.
  5. Window Washing: Wash windows inside and out for a better appearance or to brighten the room up.
  6. Don’t Underestimate Your Flood Risks: Consider moving all your electrical equipment above the first floor.
  7. Deep Clean Flooring and Carpets: Winter is harsh on the floors and carpets. Shampooing carpets will keep them looking new and reduce allergens. Now is the time to have your floors and carpets deep cleaned by professionals.

Spring is the best time to deep clean your building. Here at ServiceMaster TBS we want your building to be ready for the wet spring that is coming. Contact us for any of your spring cleaning needs!