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What is Pandemic Preparedness?

What is Pandemic Preparedness?

Influenza is a pandemic that all companies need to take very seriously. When it comes to your public health, it’s important to take precaution against mass flu viruses. Every year, the influenza spreads throughout the United States, leaving thousands sick at a time. When the flu breaks loose, this can affect a large portion of your company’s operation.

For business owners, an employee’s health and safety is always the most important priority. The office is no place for the ill to be. This is why most companies practice pandemic preparedness leading up to the cold and flu season. Pandemic preparedness is the essential process for flu prevention. Think of it as your influenza survival kit. Companies rely on this form of continuity planning to keep their employees healthy during the pandemic winter months.

Pandemic planning helps to prevent the spread of germs and dangerous infections. It’s the essential toolkit that you need for the blistering winter season. Business owners need to execute a comprehensive preparedness and response plan on an annual basis.

A pandemic response plan is built on many key principles. It’s most important elements include:

An Effective Game Plan:

Businesses need to develop a pandemic preparedness checklist. This is the ultimate defense strategy during the flu-heavy season. This game plan must have important details about the pandemic and best practice action plans. Some of these action plans include:

  • Washing your hands
  • Using sanitizer
  • Getting a flu shot
  • Eliminate raw materials
  • Delegate work electronically
  • Remote work options

The coordinator must draw out this blueprint and make sure that every employee gets a copy.

Pandemic Awareness:

The game plan must have full details about the pandemic influenza virus. You must be able to determine the impact that the pandemic could have on your employees and customers. Your employees need to be aware about the severity of the virus. Should the pandemic breakout, the company must have information about important treatment methods and care facilities.

Policies and Procedures:

A pandemic preparedness business plan needs company-wide policies established. You need to be able to provide individuals with a compensation agreement or sick-leave absence policy. This ensures that your employees will be taken care of in the case of an emergency. Additionally, it would be wise to mandate etiquette techniques for the entire staff to practice.

A Gallery of Resources:

The proper resources need to be available in case a pandemic breaks out. Some of the essential resources include protective tools, IT telecom equipment, and information guides. These resources should always be accessible onsite.

Effective Communication and Employee Education:

Communication is key, especially in the wake of a pandemic disaster. Employers need to keep their employees educated about all important matters. This includes influenza protection strategies, emergency alerts, and much more. Communication must be clear, consistent, and accurate.