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How To Choose the Right Commercial Janitorial Service

Regular cleaning by a professional janitorial company is one of the best investments you can make for your building and public spaces. Professional cleaning companies like Servicemaster take the time to get to know you and your business so they can provide the services you need, when you need them. Here is a checklist of how to choose a professional cleaning company and what to look for as well as why Servicemaster is a great choice for all your commercial janitorial needs

Look for a local company

Servicemaster has branches all over the US but each local office is unique to that location. We combine our standardized cleaning techniques and expertise with local technicians which gives us knowledge of the area, its weather, its local architectural trends, and your business. Our local cleaning and janitorial teams are close by and can be at your location at a moments notice.

Make sure they have an established process

Your local Philadelphia Servicemaster office has been cleaning local businesses and offices for more than 30 years. Our focus is to provide consistent value and reliable service and this is why we adhere to Servicemaster’s proven cleaning techniques to give our clients the best possible service. This track record makes us the premier janitorial service in the Philadelphia, Burlington, Gloucester, and Camden areas. This established process means we also have an established reputation to back our work.

Make sure they only hire professionals

Nothing is more important than the experience and expertise of the cleaning professionals that your janitorial service will provide and at Servicemaster, we provide only the best. Our technicians are hand picked for reliability, skill, and customer service abilities. We thoroughly vet our staff with background checks and once hired they experience the best industry training we have to offer. And if your location requires unique cleaning requirements, we have the ability to adjust the staff to your needs meaning you get the most possible value for your janitorial investment. We do whatever it takes to do the job right the first time.

Call Servicemaster today!

Why take on the expense of hiring, training, and maintaining your own janitorial staff when you have a cost effective, professional solution in your own backyard. Call Servicemaster today for a free estimate. We will inspect your facility, listen to your needs, follow your specific requirements. Save the time and hassle required with an in-house janitorial staff and trust out internationally backed team to provide the best possible janitorial services for your business.

Whether you are a business owner looking to reduce costs, a facilities manager looking to replace staff, a school that is under budget constraints, a healthcare facility that is required to maintain a certain level of cleanliness and sanitation, a manufacturing facility that needs to provide a clean and safe workplace, or someone that is looking for professional cleaners that can provide “green” cleaning services, contact Servicemaster today!.