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Office Cleaning this Winter

There is more to a commercial cleaning service and janitorial services than just cleaning bathrooms and mopping floors. At Servicemaster, we are a total office cleaning company that has the knowledge and experience to adapt to changing cleaning needs. One of these important needs increased awareness and cleaning during winter months. Not only does more mud and salt and dirt get tracked into the office, but germs and viruses from winter colds can hide in your office and get others sick.

Here is how Servicemaster can keep things sparkling clean and safe this winter:

Thorough window cleaning

Heavy rain, snow, and frost can take a heavy toll on windows, inside and out. Nothing is uglier than a dirty window and if left uncleaned, dirt and condensation on windows can lead to mold and discoloration. Nothing is more of an eyesore than dirty, neglected windows.

Pandemic control

One of the most important functions of winter cleaning is the removal of bacteria and germs left behind from employees. Not everyone stays home when they have a cold which means your cleaning services has to be extra diligent to disinfect commonly touched surfaces such as countertops, elevator buttons, phones, handsets, printers, door handles and any high-touch surfaces. If left untreated, these germs will spread to other employees and before you know it half the office is home sick when it could have easily and quickly been prevented.

Increased floor care

Last month we detailed how to keep your floors clean during the winter months. Your carpets and wood floors are very susceptible to salt, dirt, and moisture that are tracked in from outside. Contaminants like road salt and chemical ice melting agents can do permanent damage to wood, tile, and laminate flooring. Office carpets may need to be routinely steam cleaned to remove all dirt and extra care must be taken to ensure that grout and tile remain undamaged by harsh chemicals.

HVAC ducts and vents

Heat running constantly also means that air is always circulating through your building. In fact, it’s not likely that your system is taking in air from the outside meaning the same air is being recirculated. Not only do your HVAC filters need to be changed or cleaned more often during the winter months, but air ducts and vents will accumulate dust and dirt from the constant use.

Servicemaster is here to keep things clean during winter

If you don’t have a reliable cleaning service this winter or if your current janitorial service seems to be lacking the experience and drive to keep things clean, reach out to Servicemaster today. Our staff is nothing but dedicated cleaning professionals with years of experience keeping offices like yours looking spotless during the harsh winter months.