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First Impressions Start With Flooring

ServiceMaster Clean employee buffing a tile floorDid you know that some studies link the cleanliness of a space to the productivity of its occupants? Your tenants spend at least 40 hours in your office each week, so you owe it to them to provide a clean space. And cleanliness, as well as first impressions, start with the one thing that draws a lot of attention – flooring. 

Hiring a commercial cleaning company to customize a cleaning plan for your floors can help protect your investment and maintain your floors’ appearance. However, each type of flooring has unique needs, so it’s important that you partner with professionals like those at ServiceMaster TBS Division who know how to best clean them.

Wood flooring
Unfortunately, wood flooring can lose its sheen over time and grow incredibly dull under the high traffic of everyday use. Sanding wood flooring in order to revive the shine is expensive and time consuming, while regular maintenance cleanings are a much more efficient way to conserve time, save money and enhance durability. Finishes that clean wood flooring should always be water-based, as these types of solutions not only clean your floors but also provide them with a protective, preserving seal.

Tile and grout
Tile floors can accumulate more dirt and oil than other types of flooring, as heavy use can cause grime to become embedded into its grout. Even regular mopping doesn’t seem to help, as the grout is so porous it absorbs dirt and debris on the tile. When cleaning tile, you should use sealants that deep clean the grout, thus making mopping more effective and avoiding the need to replace your tile in the future. Click here for a step-by-step video guide from an experienced grout cleaner.

Carpet cleanings
Improper carpet care can cause a matted, frayed or fading carpet, leading to costly and frequent replacements. Regular maintenance that involves quarterly, low moisture cleaning is the most effective way to protect your carpet investment. In addition to hiring a professional cleaning company  to create a customized cleaning plan for your carpet, it’s important that you do your part, too. This means frequent vacuuming by an in-house person or team is necessary, as is immediate spot and stain cleaning to prevent spills from soaking into the carpet.  

Other hard-surface flooring
While it is common with many professionals to coat and clean hard-surface flooring with an acrylic finish, this solution comes at a higher cost and requires more frequent maintenance. Instead, hard-surface floors should be cleaned with a urethane treatment. Urethane treatments contain less chemicals, more gloss and make your floors easier to clean and maintain, as it requires no buffing, burnishing or future stripping. Most importantly, this type of floor treatment is slip-resistant, adding an extra safety measure for your employees, customers and anyone else who might walk through your doors. 

Whether your floor is wood, carpet, hard-surface, or tile and grout, a team of professional floor care experts should be able to create a custom cleaning plan that meets the unique needs of your business and clean your floors properly. 

ServiceMaster TBS combines advanced technology, innovative products and more than 30 years of experience in order to provide the most comprehensive commercial floor cleaning services around. Our experience and research has led us to create proven methods to beautify and preserve a wide variety of commercial floors. If you’re interested in making ServiceMaster TBS your commercial cleaning company, give us a call at (856) 502-1632.