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3 New Ways to Protect Employees From COVID-19

While it’s been one year since the pandemic began, it remains crucial that we do all we can to stop the spread, keeping ourselves and others safe. How do business owners maintain safe and clean work environments that protect their employees from COVID-19 and other pathogens? The cleaning experts at ServiceMaster TBS have outlined a few new steps to take:

Bring your own supplies.
While many of us may be used to sharing mugs, utensils, and other things that show up in workplace common areas, this is the one time in life when sharing is not caring. Ditch those mugs that stay at office buildings and replace them with disposable cups. When it’s time for lunch, bring your own utensils, napkins, and anything else you may need to eat at your desk and avoid overlap with coworkers in communal areas. Bringing your own hand sanitizer is also a great way to limit the amount of times you touch something that others have used as well. If you do find yourself having to handle items from your work environment, just make sure you properly clean and disinfect them prior to use.

Upgrade your mask.
Take advantage of the new year and select a new mask. Ensure you’re getting the most protective mask you can, one that includes multiple layers and fits snug around your face with few gaps. Some experts are now recommending wearing two masks instead of one. Wearing two masks, such as a surgical mask underneath a cloth one, can provide you with heavy-duty protection. For more on how to improve mask effectiveness, check out the CDC’s recommendations.

Hire ServiceMaster TBS Division.
A simple, yet effective solution, is to hire cleaning experts like those found at ServiceMaster TBS. We can help your business reopen safely with our CDC-approved disinfection, sanitizing, and decontamination services – which have all been enhanced and refined over the past year. Not only do we want to help you reopen, but we want to help you reopen with confidence. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with safe and healthy environments and peace of mind. Get a free, custom
cleaning quote today.

Of course it’s important to remember the “old” rules of being safe and healthy in your work environment too, such as staying at least six feet away from others, creating socially distanced office spaces, and practicing workspace and hand hygiene. We all can play a part to stop the spread and move closer to ending the pandemic. But until then, ServiceMaster TBS is here to help.