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3 Things That Should NOT Be a Part of Your Janitor’s Closet

Sting mop and bucket

3 Things That Should NOT Be a Part of Your Janitor’s Closet

The janitorial industry is constantly evolving and every year there are newer and better cleaning methods and products available. Despite the advancements, there are sometimes a few bad practices that continue, and this includes a few things that might be a part of your janitorial closet.

Old String Mop

An old string mop is widely one of the most iconic janitor’s tools. Sadly, though are also terribly outdated. They are constantly transferred between the dirty water and the floor and as such are breeding ground for all kinds of germs and pathogens. Since they are often not replaced timely, they could actually be spreading more dirt than cleaning it. Often the same mop could be used in the kitchen and bathroom which is never a good idea.

Another issue with old string mops is their storage. Since they can often be very dirty, they also tend to leave the entire janitorial closet smelling terrible too.

Dirty Mop Bucket

When we’re talking about old string mops, can dirty mop buckets be far behind? The age-old companion of old string mops, mop buckets are as dirty as the mops if not more. They carry clean water only once, the first time they were used.

Old Cotton Rags

Old cotton rags or towels are common cleaning tools used. However, they actually spread more germs than clean them. Often janitors won’t have a clue as to which cloth was used for cleaning the kitchen and which the toilet.

At Service Master Elite Cleaning Service, we know how important it is to be with the times and keep up with any advancements in the industry. Our professionals are constantly updating their skill sets and are always up to date on any new industry standards or policies regarding cleaning. Contact us today for a consultation.