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5 Most Common Carpet Stains and How To Remove Them

Wine spilled on carpet

5 Most Common Carpet Stains and How To Remove Them

We know that while going through life, things leak, spills happen. It is almost impossible to prevent these spills, but it does not have to be impossible to get those stains out from your carpets. In our line of work, we’ve seen a number of spill and stains and the following are the 5 most common carpet stains.

Coffee Stains

Mornings in most households don’t start without some coffee. However, coffee can also leave some unsightly brown stains on the carpet. If spilled, blot the spot with a dry cloth first. Make sure to not rub since that would actually spread the stain. Various common cleaning products such as vinegar and detergent can help clean out the stain.

Kool-Aid Stains

Kool-Aid stains are one of the most common and one of the most difficult to clean. If spilled, blot only with a dry towel, making sure to not rub.clean using a commercial cleaner but make sure to test it in an inconspicuous area first to ensure that the commercial cleaner doesn’t leave a stain.

Ink Stains

It’s happened to all of us, a faulty pen leaks, spewing ink over our carpets. When dealing with ink stains wet a cloth with rubbing alcohol and dab it gently on the ink. Then try nail polish and hairspray if the rubbing alcohol doesn’t work. Be careful with these products since they too can stain a carpet.

Pet Stains

As much as we love our pets, they can also leave some tough stains to deal. If your pets leave droppings on the carpet, clean up the mess itself. Pick up the droppings or blot wetness. Wet the stain using a commercial cleaner specific for pet stains. You can use a commercial cleaner to get rid of any smells.


Nosebleeds, accidental injuries, sometimes blood can get on your carpets. When trying to clean blood, sooner is better than later. Try to get out the blood using cold water, dish detergent, and paper towels

At Service Master Elite Cleaning Service, our professionals have experience dealing with all kinds of stains. So whether you are dealing with tough stains or just in need of a regular cleaning service, contact us today for a consultation.