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5 Tips for Organizing Your Office Supply Closet

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5 Tips for Organizing Your Office Supply Closet

A well-organized supply closet is essential for effective cleaning and managing a facility. If your office supply closet is an unorganized mess, chances are it is going to be avoided more than it is going to be utilized. Our professionals at Service Master Elite Cleaning Service have 5 simple tips to organize your office supply closet to ensure an optimum experience for cleaning and servicing your facility.

Empty Closet and Take Inventory

This helps you make a list of all items you have in stock, as well as those items you would need to restock. In addition, check with employees to see what other items are needed which might otherwise be overlooked. An extra tip is to create a master inventory list and hang it on the closet door along with the contact information for reordering supplies.

Design the Space

An important reason supply closets get disorganized is because there is no reason behind how things are kept and stored. It is essential for a supply closet to have ample shelving, utilizing wall and door space too, if needed. Consider organizing the closet by how and when they are used. For example, the more frequently used items should be stored to the front of the closet and supplies for a certain purpose should all be stored together.

Invest in Storage

As we mentioned above, ample shelving is essential for an organized supply closet. Another thing to invest in is storage solutions such as clear bins of all sizes. You can reuse items already available in the office too. It is important to label all the bins and boxes for easy retrieval of items.

Keep it Organized

Once you have everything in order, try to keep it that way. You can assign a person to regularly organize the closet as well as reorder any supplies. You should also have an easy system set up for employees to request items they may need.

Store Only Essentials

It doesn’t take long for clutter to build up, therefore it is important that you store only essentials. You can also think of storage solutions beyond the supply closet. For example, store the reams of paper near the printers for quick access.

Your business could be in marketing, sales, customer relations or the financial industry, but an organized and stocked supply closet is absolutely necessary. Service Master Elite Cleaning Service provides end-to-end janitorial services so that you can concentrate on your business while we take care of the rest. Contact us today for a consultation.