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How To Clean And Maintain Rubber Flooring

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How To Clean And Maintain Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is widely used in commercial areas such as cafeterias, hospitals, playgrounds, and gyms. They are a great choice for high traffic areas, are durable, safe to move around, shock absorbent and sanitary. These are just a few of the many reasons, a number of facilities are moving toward rubber flooring. A few basic steps will help you clean and maintain rubber flooring in your facility.

  • Daily Vacuuming or Mopping

A great step to maintain your rubber flooring is daily vacuuming or damp mopping. This will keep your rubber flooring dirt and debris free and clean and shiny. Also, regular cleaning will make the occasional deep cleaning a much easier process.

  • Skip the Harsh Chemicals

Harsh Cleaning solutions or formulas can actually do more harm than good to your rubber, flooring. Avoid any cleansers or solvents which would not suit the floor. In case of a spill, rinse the floor right away to prevent them from getting absorbed.

  • Skip Abrasive Products

Skip using any abrasive brushes or pads since they might end up scratching your precious floors instead of cleaning them. Use soft brushes or microfiber cloths to wipe down the rubber floors instead.

  • Don’t use excessive water

Though rubber floorings are highly repellant, it is still important to not use excessive water when cleaning. Too much water can actually cause the adhesive holding the flooring in place to peel away. Always use a damp and not wet mop to clean the flooring.
In case of any spills wipe them as soon as possible to avoid absorption.

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