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Benefits of Encapsulation Cleaning for Commercial Carpets

When you own a business, making a good first impression on potential customers is highly important. The health of your staff should be a priority, too. Carpets can trap indoor pollutants such as allergens, dust, dirt and moisture, many of which could be reduced or eliminated with regular professional carpet cleaning.

The team at ServiceMaster Clean wants to help you keep your facility safe and looking its best. Read on to learn more about encapsulation carpet cleaning and how your business could benefit from this type of service.

What Is Encapsulation Cleaning?

Carpet encapsulation is an interim maintenance method designed to ensure pristine carpet appearance between extractions. During encapsulation carpet cleaning, a specially formulated detergent is circulated through a scrubbing machine and brushed into the carpet. The solution surrounds each soil particle within carpet fibers and crystallizes them to prevent other soils from attracting. Once the soil particles are encapsulated, they're easily removed by regular vacuuming.

Encapsulation Cleaning Is a Low-Moisture Method

Since it requires minimal dry time, this low-moisture carpet cleaning method allows carpets to be put back into service sooner. While there are different carpet encapsulation methods, every type facilitates quick dry times, usually just 30 minutes or less.

How Does Encapsulation Cleaning Work?

Encapsulation cleaners are made with a crystallizing agent that's worked into the carpet by agitation from a brush machine. While a roto machine could technically be used, we use a counter-rotating machine since it complies with most carpet warranty specifications. Once the crystallizing agent binds to the soil within the carpet, it encapsulates the soil and dries it into hardened crystals.

The Carpet Encapsulation Process


Regular vacuuming will pick up any loose, dry soil to prepare the carpet for the encapsulation cleaning process. If the company performing the carpet cleaning service also provides ongoing janitorial services, this step could be streamlined. Otherwise, pre-vacuuming should always be provided before encapsulation cleaning begins.

Pre-Treating Spots

While pre-treating isn't always necessary, carpets with significant spots will require pre-treatment. During this part of the process, cleaners will spray down the spot and allow the encapsulation solution to soak into the carpet for several minutes. They may also use a spotting tool to agitate stubborn spot prior to running the carpet encapsulation machine.


An encapsulant is applied and worked into the carpet by agitation from a counter-rotating brush machine. The cleaner binds to the soil, encapsulates it and dries it into a hardened crystal that can be removed by regular vacuuming.

Benefits of Encapsulation

The encapsulation method makes it easier for business owners to maintain their commercial carpets long-term. Just a few benefits of encapsulation include:

  • As an interim maintenance method, encapsulation cleaning can help to mitigate spots between extractions.
  • Carpet encapsulation can extend the life of commercial carpet, resulting in long-term savings for business owners.
  • Encapsulation carpet cleaning can keep carpets looking cleaner longer.
  • Low-moisture carpet cleaning ensures less downtime. In almost every situation, carpets dry in under 30 minutes. That means that by the time the encapsulation cleaning is over, the carpets may already be dry, and you can get back to business.
  • Since the production rate for carpet encapsulation is almost double that of extraction, the method is a lower-cost investment.

Stained, dirty or worn carpeting can negatively impact your customers' opinion of your business. Fortunately, you can do your part to keep your carpets looking great on a regular basis. First, get more information about how often your business should clean its carpets. Then, find out how to maintain your flooring in high-traffic areas.

Finally, experience the difference of professional carpet cleaning services for yourself. Contact ServiceMaster Clean today to learn how we can develop a comprehensive cleaning program to fit your company's needs.

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