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Floor Cleaning

  • Dog lying on the floor
    Enemies of Flooring: Pets and Hardwood Floors We love our pets and they are important members of our family. When you share your home with ... Read More
  • Winter is Over! Your Spring Cleaning Guide to Flooring Maintenance You’ve survived the cold grip of winter’s icy hands, and now spring has arrived to provide ... Read More
  • Black and white dog with urine on floor
    How to Get Dog or Cat Urine Smell Out of Hardwood Floors Get Rid of That Dog Pee Smell When you share your home with pets, accidents can and do happen, ... Read More
  • Dog slumped on carpet
    Getting Dog Smells Out of Carpet Whether you're the proud parent of one tail-wagging, four-legged friend or a whole pack of ... Read More
  • Wiping floor with yellow cloth
    How to Wax, Buff and Polish Hardwood Floors Hardwood floors add beauty to the home, but like any other type of flooring they do require ... Read More
  • Cleaning carpet with sponge with soap
    How to Get Poop Stains Out of Your Carpet It doesn't matter how hard you've tried – the poop stain just won't come clean. Let's face it, ... Read More
  • Floor Cleaning Thumbnail
    How to Maintain Your Flooring in High-traffic Areas Companies can face a lot of foot traffic throughout the day. Dirt, mud and other items can be ... Read More