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Residential carpet cleaning in Lakeland

No other item in your home absorbs more wear and tear on a daily basis than your carpet. No other item can impact your home's appearance like your carpet can. Unfortunately, many consumers ignore the warning signs until it's too late.

Our Exclusive Carpet Cleaning Process Includes:

  • Preliminary inspection of your carpets to determine the best cleaning method
  • Pre-treatment of spots and stains
  • Pre-application of cleaning products to loosen ground-in soil
  • Rinsing your carpet with clear hot water
  • Post-treatment of any residual stains
  • Carpet grooming for efficient drying and a uniform appearance
  • Placing pads under furniture legs to protect the carpet while it dries
  • Final inspection with you to ensure your complete satisfaction
  • Green Cleaning Process

Unlike professional cleaning, most rented carpet cleaning equipment leaves carpet wet with detergent residue. At ServiceMaster Commercial Services we have the equipment and expertise to remove dirt, detergent, and moisture.

Reach out to usonline to get a free carpet cleaning quote! You can also give us a call at(863) 270-4636.

  • ServiceMaster recommends that homeowners follow a few steps to keep up appearance of their carpets:
  • Have you carpets cleaned professionally at least once per year.
  • Rotate furniture: Premature wear takes place when traffic paths are unchanged.
  • Blot up spills when they occur; never rub or scrub, you may set the stain further.
  • Protect the surface of your carpets with a protector such as Scotchgard
  • Vacuum carpets at least once per week.
  • Use doormats.

Minimize the Mess:

Cleaner pets mean a cleaner house. That's where we come into action.

Removal of Pet Hair:

On carpeting, use a vacuum with good beater brush or brush roll. Plain vacuums do not generate sufficient lift to pickup all the pet hair from the floor. Speed removal of pet hair from fabrics and upholstery with a pet rake.

Lifting Stains:

To remove a pet urine stain, dilute the spot using a cloth dampened with water. Keep the area moist and call us as soon as possible.

Older Stains:

If the stain is older, it may be nearly impossible to remove. If the site has seen multiple accidents, the bacteria breaking down the stain may actually cause the stain to become stain.

Looking for professional carpet cleaning services in Lakeland? Give us a call at(863) 270-4636 orrequest a quote online.

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