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We Thoroughly Clean & Disinfect Your Facility

At ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo, we create clean, healthy and safe environments. We understand it’s more important than ever to make sure everyone who enters your facility is protected from germs and bacteria. We have specialized in disinfection services for over 65 years, and we know exactly how to help you reduce the risk of illness in your facility.

Our powerful electrostatic technology quickly and easily disinfects large areas. Using electrostatic sprayers, we can effectively kill 99.99% of bacteria in 5 seconds, including colds, coronavirus, flu,MRSA, salmonella, and more. Our electrostatic disinfection system works 4x faster than other methods which saves businesses up to 65% in costs.

  • Emergency Disinfection

  • Routine Service

  • Over 65 Years of Experience

  • Kills 99.9% of Bacteria

  • Certified Technicians

  • EPA Approved Disinfectants

SaniMaster is the main disinfectant we use and supports routine disinfection at healthcare facilities, schools, businesses, and more in Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas.

Call us today at (269) 371-5997 to learn more about our Electrostatic disinfection services.

ServiceMaster Clean Is Here to Help with Professional Disinfection Services

Our cleaning technicians are trained to clean and disinfect. Part of this training includes recognizing touchpoints and understanding the proper dwell time for our disinfectants (the time a surface needs to stay wet for maximum efficacy against pathogens).

Our cleaning technicians at ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo understand disinfection from all angles. They are trained to recognize touchpoints and understand the proper dwell time of our disinfectants which is crucial for a proper disinfection.

Get a free, customized disinfection cleaning quote based on your needs and budget. Prices vary depending on facility size. Choose a one-time disinfection service or routine disinfection services. Contact us with any questions.


No matter how thorough and extensive our services are, recontamination is always a possibility. At any time, someone can enter your facility and leave behind harmful germs and bacteria. This is why cleaning and disinfecting need to be a routine part of your business operation. High-traffic areas are susceptible to recontamination and require extra attention.

  • The best way to prevent recontamination is by following the CDC recommendations to help break the cycle of infection. These guidelines include:
  • Frequently and thoroughly washing your hands
  • Practicing appropriate respiratory etiquette
  • Maintaining routine cleanliness

ServiceMaster Clean is always here to help. We are happy to further discuss our infection prevention services and how they can benefit you, your employees and your operations.

Connect with one of our agents today at (269) 371-5997 to learn more about our disinfection services.