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CSCT Certified Healthcare Cleaning Staff

certified surgical cleaning technician

We understand healthcare cleaning goes beyond taking care of visible dirt and debris. It is essential to take care of pathogens that are invisible. Therefore, our janitorial managers are CSCT (Certified Surgical Cleaning Technician).

association for the healthcare environment

CSCT is a national certification program aimed towards educating cleaners on how to establish and maintain healthy surgical environments. These courses are offered by the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE).

Our Experience

hospital janitor


We know you are counting on your healthcare janitorial staff to be your first line of defense against HAIs (Healthcare-Associated Infections). Being CSCT certified, you know we will follow evidence-based methods and procedures to prevent transferral of pathogens.


Our janitorial staff knows what contact/dwell time is required for the maximum benefit of the cleaning solutions being used. Performing environment medical cleaning and disinfection properly protects patients maintains busy schedules in the medical field. Consider pairing your janitorial cleanings with a periodic total disinfection service to provide maximum protection against pathogens in your healthcare facility.


We understand the differences between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing which helps maintain patient safety. In addition, we learn critical-thinking and decision-making skills to overcome challenges that may arise in janitorial accounts.


We communicate with our janitorial teams to manage expectations, confirm productivity, and build strong relationships with team members. Additionally, we analyze the issues that arise in daily work life and find successful solutions that will work to solve these issues.

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