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EPIC Recoating at Pump It Up

Assessing the Project

In this particular project, we were tasked with re-applying EPIC Urethane finish to a VCT floor. In order to be refinished the floor needed to be cleaned, screened, and then recoated. Pump It Up is a popular indoor playground center with inflatable jump-houses for kids’ parties with locations in New Jersey, New York, and other states throughout the US. As you can imagine, the floors get a lot of wear and tear from all the bouncing and running around.

EPIC Urethane

VCT, or vinyl composite tile, is a popular flooring option in commercial spaces because of its durability and low maintenance. Typically, a VCT floor will require a periodic strip and wax in order to restore its cleanliness and shine. Acrylic wax is much softer than urethane so it can be buffed but can also be scratched easier and is not a good option for a facility that has tons of foot traffic and little downtime for time-intensive cleaning services. EPIC was chosen as the most ideal floor coating because its life expectancy is much longer than that of acrylic wax. However, even with a protective coating like EPIC urethane, the constant foot traffic, lack of maintenance, and dragging of equipment can cause the finish to wear down and become dull and heavily scuffed.

Starting the Work

We worked with the team at Pump It Up to coordinate a time when the play center was closed to the public and free of all foot traffic for three consecutive days.

We started by clearing the space of all furniture and inflatables. We used a combination of brooms, dustpans, and vacuums to remove any loose dirt, dust, and debris from the floor. This step is crucial because any particles left on the floor can get trapped under the new coating and cause imperfections in the finish. Next, a heavy-duty floor cleaning solution was used in combination with a commercial-grade floor scrubber and special floor scrubbing pads to remove any dirt, grime, and stains that had accumulated. After the floor was scrubbed clean, 80-grit screens were used to remove deep scratches and abraded the existing EPIC floor coating. This allows the new finish to bond with the old finish.

After preparing the floors, we used nine EPIC contractor kits and carefully mixed them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Starting from one end of the building and working our way to the planned exit, the team strategically applied the finish. EPIC is applied by pouring the product directly onto the floor and spreading it with a weighted T-bar applicator by angling the T-bar slightly so that the finish runs off the side of the applicator. This happens section by section, as each section needs to be smoothed out by back-rolling. The Floor Technicians use rollers (similar to paint rollers) to aggressively roll over the finish to smooth out any ridges or streaks left by the T-bar applicator and to detail corners and edges. Diligent work and precise planning are needed as the EPIC solution begins to set within minutes of application. Once all flooring is coated, the areas are cautioned off so as to not allow foot traffic for at least 12 hours.

The Finished Product

Overall, the floor cleaning project at Pump It Up was successful. The VCT floor looked new again, and the facility reopened to the public with minimal downtime. However, even with a protective coating like EPIC urethane, the lack of maintenance and dragging equipment will wear down the floor. We recommend preventative maintenance. If you have a commercial space with VCT Flooring that needs restoration, consider a professional cleaning service to get the job done right.