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Industrial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

The cleaning of industrial and manufacturing facilities is an important task which should be trusted to experts. Not only does cleanliness affect the appearance of your facility, it's also directly related to the productivity of your employees and the quality of products you create.

Save the time and hassle associated with managing your own in-house cleaning staff and trust our internationally recognized team to deliver reliable industrial cleaning services. You can depend on ServiceMaster's 40+ years of janitorial experience to provide deep cleaning and disinfection services that are tailored to your unique work environment.

Whether its cleaning services for a distribution facility, food services or even good manufacturing practices (GMP) you are seeking, business owners can feel confident in our time-tested systems. With an organized task schedule set specifically to your needs ServiceMaster TBS sets a high bar on cleaning expectations in the Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware region.

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Industrial Facilities

Our team understands that safety is a top priority within industrial facilities and we aim to eliminate the safety risks these materials can bring to your staff. We also provide additional training to our staff on how to remain safe around the heavy machinery and large staff typical in these environments and adhere to industry requirements. To further reduce our interruption to your operation, we also offer evening and weekend hours.

We have years of experience providing cleaning services at industrial warehouses, manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical manufacturers, distribution centers, self-storage locations, and more.

Cleaning Industrial Floors

We're capable of cleaning up stains, neutralizing chemical spills, extending the lifespan of your facility's flooring, and ensuring a pleasing appearance for any type of industrial flooring, including:

  • Concrete
  • Tile
  • Vinyl
  • Hardwood
  • Epoxy

Whatever type of flooring your industrial facility has can be thoroughly cleaned and detailed by our team using state-of-the-art equipment and trusted processes for your specific kind of flooring.

Is Dust Dangerous for My Facility?

Yes, dust is dangerous for all industrial facilities. This is exactly why organizations like the National Fire Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have dedicated so much time to ensuring the risk of combustible dust is managed in facilities across the US.

What Are the Dangers of Dust in my Facility?

Combustible dust can be found in many different forms, including food or metal dust, depending on what your facility produces. A fire can occur when this dust builds up and meets oxygen, heat, and a fuel source. If this happens in an enclosed space, an explosion can happen.

While not meeting the guidelines set forth by both the NFPA or OHSA can mean danger for your employees' wellbeing and even your safety, it can also mean a complete suspension of your operations, a hefty penalty of upwards of $14,502 per infraction, and even more fines and penalties after an investigation is concluded.

Why is Investing in Industrial Cleaning Essential?

Industrial cleaning is no joke. It's not just about keeping your factory, warehouse, or office spotless – it's about making sure that your employees have a safe and healthy place to work, no matter their position in the company, and keeping things running smoothly.

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When you're running an industrial facility, it's important to choose to rely on a professional cleaning company to keep things in tip-top shape. Other than providing consistency and reliability to your operations, you'll benefit from a team being able to:

Avoid Common Industrial Cleaning Problems

Even though your intentions are good, your company's current processes may not be sufficient or meet all of the requirements needed. Some of the most common problems professional industrial cleaners can help you avoid include:

  • Inefficient Processes – Some processes can cause dust to recycle back into the environment and even end up taking shelter in harder-to-reach areas.
  • Missing Spots – Despite owner's best efforts, some crucial spots can be missed, including vents, overhead beams, pipes, lighting, corners, and more.
  • Poor Equipment – Whether cleaning the floors or walls, it's important to use trusted industrial equipment to ensure the best clean possible.

Maintain Your Industrial Equipment

Just like your flooring, walls, and other areas of your facility, it's important to ensure that your manufacturing equipment is getting the same level of attention, care, and detail. Ensuring your environment and physical parts are free of dust, grime, and other debris will help your operations remain as efficient as possible.

Keep Your Employees Safe

Aside from increasing general safety, there are many other benefits to professional industrial cleaning for your facility’s entire workforce, including:

  • Boosting morale among all your employees
  • Working to preventing slips, falls, and other injuries
  • Keeping your employee's health a number one priority
  • Ensuring the security of your business's future

By upgrading your current maintenance plan to include routine and professional janitorial services, your business will see safety, appearance, productivity, and maintenance all improve drastically. By turning to ServiceMaster TBS, you'll know that no matter the job, they're going to get it done right every time.

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Our Industrial Cleaning Services

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