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The 8 things you need to include in a janitorial RFP

A Request of Proposal, commonly called an RFP, is a specific guideline that can be sent to multiple companies as a way to select the best cleaning option for your business. When ServiceMaster Clean receives your RFP, we carefully read through your company's specifications, details, requirements and cleaning goals. After this review, we'll respond by explaining how ServiceMaster Clean offers the best commercial cleaning services to solve your cleaning problems and issues.

To ensure that we fully answer all of your cleaning questions and concerns, be sure to include these eight things in your commercial cleaning RFP.

1. A company overview and background

The RFP is a way for ServiceMaster Clean to get to know you and your business. You should write a brief overview of your company and explain what kind of industry you're in.

We'll take note of your business's industry and explain how we have the knowledge and expertise to clean your facility the right way.

2. Details about your business's cleaning goals

Tell us about your current cleaning problems in as much detail as possible. Include how often you need your workspace cleaned, what products you want us to use and what areas need to be cleaned.

We'll respond with a comprehensive cleaning strategy to meet your goals.

3. Details about the scope of work and requirements

In this section, you should be extremely detailed. Talk about what kind of work schedule you would prefer. For example, do you want ServiceMaster Clean to come during or after office hours? Tell us what (if any) cleaning supplies you have and what supplies you expect us to provide. Also include contract term details, like length of contract and renewal options.

We'll respond with a cleaning schedule and detailed list of cleaning supplies, equipment and products we can provide.

4. Include any necessary industry standards

Some business, like medical offices and hospitals, may require specialized cleaning services to adhere to strict industry standards. Tell us about any regulatory cleaning standards your facility must meet.

We'll explain how our cleaning technicians have the skills, knowledge and expertise to meet or exceed the cleaning standards set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and many more.

5. Payment preferences and schedule

Tell us about how payments will be sent and in what timeframe. This will help you and ServiceMaster Clean be on the same page from the very beginning.

6. Include any additional service requests

Let us know if you require any specialty services like air duct cleaning, upholstery services, window washing and more.

We'll explain how we offer numerous specialty cleaning services that you can choose from. These services can be a one-time project-based cleaning service or set to a routine schedule to meet your needs.

7. Establish evaluation criteria

Tell us about any criteria, such as a certain number of years of experience and service, unique credentials and references you expect us to have.

8. Include points of contact

Tell us who will be the main point of contact for your business. Include any other team members who may be involved and be sure to list their contact information.

After you've developed your business's cleaning RFP, send to ServiceMaster Clean to see how we can meet your cleaning needs, schedule and budget. We've been in the cleaning industry for over 65 years and offer janitorial cleaning services that are second to none. We're committed to embracing your cleaning goals and needs by offering flexible and convenient services. Contact us today to learn how we can create a fully customized, comprehensive cleaning regimen that exceeds your company's needs.

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