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Bamboo Floor Restoration at Adolf Biecker Salon Philadelphia

Before & After bamboo floor

Restoring this bamboo floor was a bit of a test case because we had absolutely no experience sanding bamboo, especially bamboo in such bad condition. The floor was improperly maintained over the years and had deep scratches, heel marks, and huge gouges throughout. Some areas had been sanded by another contractor and refinished with an inferior product that was wearing off almost as soon as it was put down. This was definitely becoming a case of bad to worse very quickly.

We explained to our client, Adolf Biecker Salon at the Rittenhouse Hotel, about a new technology we discovered at a trade show for bamboo floor restoration and that perhaps it was possible to restore, but we couldn’t make any promises. The first night we provided a demo of a small area just to figure out what was possible and we were really impressed with the finished product. After a few weeks of walking traffic, we realized we had a winner and our client hired us to finish the rest of their spa.

Above are before and after pictures of the nail room, one of the most highly affected areas.