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Office Cleaning Tip: Is Your Restroom Really Clean?

Even after a restroom is cleaned, it may still contain an unpleasant odor that some people may interpret as the restroom not being clean. So if the restroom is truly clean, where is this mystery smell coming from? 

Public restoomIn many cases the culprit of a smelly restroom is the floor drain. Most commercial facilities have at least one floor drain in each restroom to prevent flood damage. Beneath the surface, the drain has a U-shaped trap to keep a certain amount of water in the plumbing to prevent sewer gas from leaking back up into the restroom. If these traps are not regularly treated, the drains will quickly become a haven for bacteria growth and ultimately a source of odor coming from the office restrooms.

Unfortunately, most people and many building maintenance providers fail to treat these traps to keep them clean and odor free. If the water in the trap is not flushed and sanitized, it can become stagnant or it can evaporate down to a level that will allow sewer gas to leak through the trap. To prevent the unpleasant smells, the simple method of regularly pouring clean water down the drain will keep your restrooms fresh and clean.

Unlike some other cleaning companies, ServiceMaster Clean provides this service as a part of our commitment to going the extra mile for our customers.