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Healthcare Cleaning Services for Operating Rooms

A healthcare cleaning service must reduce modes of transmission of pathogens within the sterile operating room environment. In addition to standard procedures for the healthcare cleaning industry, procedures specific to the operating room must be used. Agencies including AHE/AHA/AORN have provided standardized guidelines to ensure compatibility with the facility's policies.

The frequency of cleaning in the operating room should be conducted no less than daily. The housekeeping service is required to wear scrub attire usually provided by the healthcare provider for use in operating rooms. The service member conducting the cleaning service for the facility must also wear a hair cap, gloves, mask, shoe covers, and goggles. Operating room

All surfaces in the room should be cleaned thoroughly according to CDC guidelines including the operating table, counters, and other horizontal and vertical surfaces. Cleaning supplies include a hand pail, wall washer, high duster, scouring pad, microfiber cleaning cloth, putty knife, and grout brush. The housekeeping service will wipe all vertical and horizontal surfaces including walls. 

The equipment in the operating room must be cleaned as well. The housekeeping service must use caution not to pull hard or damage units and should wet wipe all cords, hanging hooks, light fixtures, air intakes, houses, wall panes, imaging units, vents, etc. Throughout the process the team member should continue to rinse rags and change cloths periodically to help eliminate cross contamination.

All trash cans should be emptied and hazardous materials should be disposed of properly. Trash receptacles should be replaced with Red, Blue, or Clear liners as required by the healthcare facility. 

Windows, door hardware, and kick plates should be thoroughly sprayed using glass cleaner and wiped with a paper towel. Door kick plates should be cleaned with stainless steel polish twice per week or as needed. 

Floors should be thoroughly cleaned with a dust broom or vacuum. Once dirt is removed the floor should be flooded with properly mixed QUAT germicide solution and mopped.

When completed, the housekeeper should discard gloves, wash hands, and dispose of any remaining trash. After daily cleaning, the operating room shall be inspected by the healthcare cleaning service management team. 

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