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July Master Moments Winners

"MasterMoment" is our initiative to establishing the value-added experiences customers have come to expect from ServiceMaster Clean through recognition of the "out-of-the-ordinary" ways our team members serve our clients. Read more about our Master Moments program here

This Month's Master Moments winners are Gary Jordan and Elvia Velazquez. Here is what their supervisors had to say about them on why they won the award for July: Gary

"Gary has been a great help to our morning operations. He works mornings at his job site and the staff and customer have nothing but glowing reviews and remarks about the services he provides at the account. In addition to doing an outstanding job, Gary has often helped out in a pinch at other locations with coverage, these are other morning accounts within the Region. Gary has proven to be a diligent, humble, and model employee."

"Elvia is a reliable and hardworking cleaner that completes a lot of hours and does the Sunday cleaning shift at the account. She never misses work and feedback from the customer is always favorable. Elvia is a pleasure to work with and is always available to help out when called upon." Person Sleeping