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Five Reasons Why You Need Year-Round Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Getting your carpets and area rugs professionally deep cleaned should be routine maintenance for your business. When the high traffic areas look dirty, clean them and be certain to plan one when winter rolls around.

Carpet flooring in commercial buildings can be dirty even if there aren’t any noticeable spots or stains. ServiceMaster suggests cleaning your carpets every four months by professionally trained technicians. Regular cleanings are the best possible way to prolong the life of your floor coverings.

Enhance the appearance - Clean carpets, regardless of the season, are a great way to make a good impression on clients and employees. Attractive, well-maintained carpets can complement your business’s image, and regular cleanings are a great way to keep a constant appearance and show off your business and common areas. Regular cleaning means any spots or stains are removed quickly and easily.

Your carpets are dirtier during summer months - This may be surprising as the winter months seem dirtier than the warm summer ones. However, carpets take more of a beating during summer as your visitors and employees track in airborne pollutants from outside. These will hide in your carpets until the next deep cleaning. If you only schedule cleanings in winter or late fall, your visitors will breathe them in for months, making respiratory illnesses more probable.

Winter is dirty too - Salt, snow, and trampled-in mud are a visual reminder that your carpets need cleaning. Regular cleanings will keep your floorcoverings spotless, regardless of what gets tracked in when it is cold and nasty out.

Prolong the life of your carpets - Regular cleaning doesn’t allow time for dirt and grime to permanently mar your carpet’s feel and appearance. Deep cleaning is the most effective way to maintain the appearance and functionality of your floor coverings, especially in high-traffic areas. 

Regular cleaning keeps carpet under warranty - Some carpet manufacturers require their products be cleaned regularly to maintain their warranty. If your carpet is damaged, shrinks, or fades you will save a bundle in replacement costs if your warranty hasn’t been voided because you didn’t follow requirements.

The experts at ServiceMaster have provided commercial carpet cleaning services to the New Jersey and Philadelphia areas for years. Our state of the art carpet cleaning methods and steam cleaning processes will keep your areas looking great and well-maintained year-round. We offer one-time and regular maintenance cleaning programs for your commercial carpets. If you need professional carpet cleaners call ServiceMaster today!