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How to Clean Different Types of Upholstery

Whether it’s located in your home or office, the state of your upholstery impacts the perception of the furniture’s quality and the owner’s cleanliness. Although you should brush off dirt and debris and vacuum upholstery, you must also perform the proper cleaning measures. It is important to know the type of material your furniture is made from to meet its care requirements. The following list contains popular fabric types and possible cleaning methods:


Often, upholstered furniture has frames made of metal, aluminum, or wood.  These might seem unimportant but small details can make a big difference. Wood can be cleaned with a simple spray of wood cleaner and dust or dirt can be removed with any dry microfiber cloth.  Metal and aluminum sometimes only require water and a cloth, but can sometimes call for a soft brush to remove stuck-on substances. 


Begin by going over the material with a vacuum and making sure to clean cracks between cushions. Then, after spot-checking the cleaner, apply it to all of the fabric. To remove this cleaner, use a dry microfiber cloth in a circular pattern.  Removing stains can be done by spraying and wiping with isopropyl alcohol. Tougher soil may require the service of a professional as different stains can require the use of commercial cleaning products as well as steam extraction.


This material can crack and dry as it endures use and sunlight. To prevent this, dust the surface with a soft cloth and use a moisturizer such as saddle soap. The moisturizer should be applied gently and no buffing is required. To spot clean this material, use a gentle soap or specialty leather cleaner. These can be mixed with water and lathered on. Drying won’t be necessary, as the leather absorbs these substances.


Suede is one of the easiest materials to stain, so it is critical to be aware of its care requirements. Suede brushes can help attain the fabric’s texture and we recommend applying stain repellent that often lengthens the lifespan of the fabric as well as eases the cleaning process. If the material is stained, it is best to immediately gently blot the area. Baking soda and a suede brush can be used for stains that have already set, as well as a suede eraser.

You spent a lot of money on your home or office’s furniture and following these tips will help you get the longest lifespan possible.  If you prefer to do this cleaning yourself, always consult the care tag on your furniture before you begin. We understand that many people choose to trust experts with their upholstery’s upkeep, and we offer upholstery cleaning services that will exceed your expectations. Contact us to learn more!


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