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What Areas Do Customers Judge the Most?

From the moment they drive onto your parking lot, your customers judge the appearance of your building. It is critical that both your interior and exterior are clean so that you maintain a professional appearance. The first step in evaluating your current image is for you to walk your entire property and take notes on the areas that need improvement. This week’s blog covers some of the areas that we hear frequent complaints about and anecdotes on their upkeep.



You could be in a high-traffic area or have employees who litter on company property. Either way, it is important that trash isn’t in, or near, your parking lot or entrance. To avoid this, make employees aware of your environmental goals and ensure your dumpsters or trash bins are discreet and contained.


If you have any landscaping around your building, it is important to ensure its upkeep. Not only will this give the space a more polished look, it will also reduce the amount of leaves and debris that will litter your property.


The most important part of your outdoor cleaning is the maintenance of your building’s exterior. This includes checking that each light is functioning, as their performance will promote safety during rainy days and winter weather. The windows’ exterior should be cleaned bi-annually to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime. Additionally, the physical exterior of the building should be cleaned every few years. This type of cleaning includes power washing brick and siding and re-painting where necessary.



No matter what type of flooring your business has, it is important that it is properly maintained. This maintenance should include the physical floors as well as the base-boards. Discolored and dirty carpet and hardsurface floors will stand out. If this cleaning isn’t complete, the environment will be dangerous for both employees and guests. Reference our blog to learn the proper cleaning methods for your flooring type.


You have invested a significant amount of money in your office’s furniture and it is important to care for it properly. Upkeep will prevent the furniture from looking dated and you won’t have to risk your guests’ clothes getting dirty. See our blog to find out what cleaning methods you should use for your upholstery.