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Certified Surgical Cleaning Technician

Cleaning professionals are responsible for much more than just general upkeep and maintenance. When it comes to healthcare management, a professional cleaning provider is a vital asset. Hospitals, urgent care centers, and other healthcare facilities are safe zones. It’s crucial that they are always free of bacteria and other harmful contaminants. With the help of a cleaning service by your side, you’ll be able to easily prevent infectious diseases from entering the building.

At ServiceMaster TBS, we take pride in delivering exceptional cleaning solutions to healthcare facilities. Our staff is comprised of surgical cleaning specialists. In our effort to create cleaner and safer healthcare environments, we encourage staff members to obtain a CSCT certification.

What Does It Take?

The CSCT certification program is a growing trend in health and wellness management. In order to become a fully certified cleaning technician, one must pass a comprehensive training course. Following the course, trainees must pass an assessment hosted by the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE).

All CSCT training programs are comprised of problem-solving simulations, best practice training sessions, and much more. This certification course revolves around:

● Infection Prevention – Standard procedures, PPE, BBP, and CDC precautions

● Cleaning and Disinfection – Chemicals, cleaning procedures, high-touch areas

● Communication – Customer focused policies

● Safety – Identify and report hazards, resolve safety issues

● Waste Handling – Disposal of solid waste, regulated medical waste, recyclables

● Linen Handling – Manage linens

● Floor Care – Mopping and vacuuming protocols

What Does this Certification Mean?

When you become a certified cleaning specialist, you gain the ability to clean and disinfect any type of operating rooms. Surgical cleaning technicians are trained to enhance surgical suites with appropriate upkeep and disinfection. This ensures that surgical stations are always in condition for an operation to be performed.

With the help of an environmental service technician at your disposal, you’ll never have to worry about cross-contamination or exposed blood bacteria. Surgeons will always have a safe space to perform their operations at. This will significantly help improve the performance level and job satisfaction of any healthcare provider.

Who Will This Affect?

The work of a certified cleaning technician will have a deep impact on so many people. Surgeons will be relieved with a clean and safe operating environment. Patients will be protected against the effects of harmful bacteria and other contaminants. This will help create a peace of mind for healthcare providers, people that are seeking medical aid, and so many others.

ServiceMaster TBS - The Leading Source For Surgical Cleaning

At ServiceMaster TBS, we are global leaders in everything from commercial cleaning, industrial upkeep, and much more. Our team is equipped with the market’s top CSCT specialists. For more than 70 years, we’ve delivered optimal cleaning solutions to American healthcare chains and hospitals across the nation.

If you’re in need of surgical cleaning assistance, then contact us today. Give us a call to learn about any of our AHE healthcare solutions.